What’s Affiliate Marketing & how to make money from it?

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Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry that has been growing exponentially over the past few years. It’s a great way to make money online by promoting other people’s products. But, do you know what’s affiliate marketing and how to make money from affiliate marketing? Here’s what you should know:

There are a few things you need to know before you start affiliate marketing. First, you need to find a product that you can promote. Second, you need to find a way to promote the product. Third, you need to find a way to make money from the product. There are a variety of ways to make money from affiliate marketing, but the most common way is to earn a commission on the sale of the product.

In this article, I’ll show you the secrets of how to make money on affiliate marketing and will also cover the following topics:

  • What’s Affiliate Marketing?
  • Affiliate Marketing for beginners
  • Affiliate Marketing website example
  • Niche for affiliate marketing
  • Content for affiliate marketing
  • Tools for affiliate marketing
  • Bio for affiliate marketing
  • How to make money on affiliate marketing
  • Requirements for affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing — How Much Can You Make

So, stay till the end and let’s start immediately!

What’s Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is simply a process of promoting other’s products for commissions. In this, you’ll pick any products or services to promote, promote them to the right audiences and you earn commissions for every sale you make. With this being said, some affiliate programs pay you commissions per lead, i.e., for free registration instead of sale to happen. This can be considered as Cost Per Lead (CPL) Marketing inside of Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Don’t worry even if you are a beginner at affiliate marketing, I will introduce you to it and the methods to success in affiliate marketing.

First of all, you need to know what affiliate marketing is and you’ve already got to know it from the paragraph earlier. Now, let’s look at what actions you should follow on affiliate marketing to have a proper set-up to make money with it:

The first thing to start with affiliate marketing is to find a company or a program to work with as an affiliate marketer. You can find the companies suitable for you that offers affiliation with the products and services that you are interested in. There are a lot of companies or platforms you can work with for affiliate marketing. Some of the companies with affiliate marketing programs available are Amazon, CJ Affiliate, ShareASale, Impact Radius, Flex Offers and so on.

“If you need assistance to find the suitable company with affiliate marketing available, to work with, you can comment down below and I’ll reach out to you for the assistance.”

So, after you choose the company or program to work with, the second thing is to register yourself on that platform (affiliate marketplaces or programs). You can register yourself easily on most of the platforms however if you find any difficulties you can refer to their help pages or simply search online for tutorials on how to register to the particular platform for affiliate marketing.

After you successfully register yourself on the platforms, now it’s time to find the products and get the links to promote. If you have joined the affiliate marketplace(s), you can find multiple merchants and programs to promote. Just get the links and start promoting. While, if you have joined a particular program to promote, you can get the link directly for it and can start promoting it to the right audiences.

Now, comes one of the major parts of affiliate marketing, i.e., to promote your affiliate products/services to the right audiences so you can see the results on your affiliate dashboard. So, How can you reach the right audiences for your products or services to get the conversions?

The answer is: There are a lot of ways to reach the right audiences to see the results in your dashboard, but having a website(or blog) can help you the most in this step while we also do have tons of other paid and free methods to go with. Let’s discuss it all in the following paragraphs.

So, the first priority I do provide is the website for affiliate marketing, you can have paid domain and hosting for your website or get a free one online from different services available online. In the beginning, you can start with free sub-domains from Blogger, WordPress, Wix and so on. But, if you have a unique domain and hosting for your website, you can get the most out of your efforts.

If you are looking to get most out of your efforts with professional domain and hosting, I prefer Namecheap the most.

Now, let’s move toward the other methods to go with affiliate marketing and still see the results. Simply, there are still both paid and free methods available you can go with. Ads (Advertisements) can be one of the best ways of seeing conversions in your dashboard if you do it right. You can go with Google Ads, Bing Ads, Quora Ads, Pinterest Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads and so on for Ads placements for your products or services. Ads are a massive way of making money with affiliate marketing if you target the right audiences for your products or services. If you can add the taste of Native Ads into the Ads, you can relatively see more conversions, simply because they are hard to ignore for any viewers. Let’s talk about the available free ways to do affiliate marketing, in the following paragraph, for the results in your dashboard.

There are tons of ways to do affiliate marketing for free and the two of the best ways to go are social media and forums. Social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and WhatsApp can provide you opportunities to make money with affiliate marketing. You can create your profiles on those platforms and optimize them well. After that, you can start posting content that provides value to people so you can start developing your audiences on social media. After you have your audiences or the right people to target, you can present them with your affiliate products or services via Posts, Tweets or simply can approach them via DMs for the most effective way to get the conversions.

The best part of social media like Instagram is they do offer you opportunities to reach directly to the inbox (DMs) of your audiences or targeted people. If you approach them well and pitch your offers at the right time, you can see the conversions in your dashboard. The posting ways on Twitter called Tweets and the DMs also work the same till you have availability to send DMs to your targeted people (you can send DMs to all your followers and to those non-followers who have DM option available for all). While in social media like Telegram and WhatsApp, the best ways can be creating groups and posting on them while the personal DMs are also very effective as long as they are available for you to send messages to your targeted people. Now, let’s move toward the forums for affiliate marketing, in the next paragraph.

Forums are one of the best places for affiliate marketing because of their help to reach out to the targeted audiences. You can simply go to any forums and search for the topic you want audiences for and BOOM! — you get the audiences to promote your offers. Some of the forums you can join are Quora, Reddit, Pinterest and Medium. You can find many other forums too online to join and start accelerating your affiliate journey. In any forum you join, you can find different categories/topics to explore, just explore them relative to your offers and find the suitable questions or groups to reply to or post so you can have targeted audiences seeing your answers or posts. You can add your affiliate links in the answers/posts you do in the forums. In this way, peoples interested in your topics/posts will see them and whenever they click on your affiliate link and make purchases (or registers for free in the CPL system), you get your commissions rolling into your affiliate dashboard. But, always admit to using relevant links and maintain your pace of using links on forums, so you can have better support from the forums without any actions taken against you for violating their terms. I highly recommend you check their policies and terms before you start posting content in the forums so you can utilize them in the most ways possible.

Additionally, Email Marketing is something that I should not miss while writing about affiliate marketing. Email Marketing is the top form you can add while doing affiliate marketing because of its beautiful response to the offers you promote. Email marketing can be done with both paid and free methods. You can get more functionalities and broader fields with the paid system while the free system also works perfectly at the beginning.

Email Marketing simply means collecting emails from your audiences and promoting the products or services in their email inbox. Email Marketing can be considered one of the top marketing ways simply because of its functionalities, features and responses. Email addresses are unchangeable so if you get an address to send an email today, you can still send emails for years with full confidence that your email is reaching the same person. Moreover, the ROI (Return On Investment) in Email Marketing is around 40:1, meaning, for every $1 you invest in email marketing you’ll get $40 in return. Also, you can re-target your email audiences again and again for much profit. This is why Email Marketing is considered a valuable asset for affiliate marketers.

Email Marketing tools like GetResponse, MailChimp, Sendinblue do provide free plans for email marketing for a limited number of audiences in the plan. The free plans can be good to go in the beginning and make some profits utilizing them. Later on, you can invest the profits for premium plans on these platforms to reach broader audiences and make more money. 

I hope this made you clear on what is affiliate marketing and how it works, now let’s move towards the topics you wonder about while doing affiliate marketing:

Affiliate Marketing Website Examples

There are a lot of affiliate marketing websites or platforms that you can work on, but my best recommendations are ShareASale, CJ Affiliates, Impact Radius, ClickBank, Digistore24 and Amazon. They all are affiliate marketplaces with multiple top-level programs and products to promote. You can see higher commission rates on digital products and services rather than physical products and offers. This is the reason why I have placed marketplaces like ShareASale, CJ Affiliates, Impact Radius at the first and rest later on. The first platforms have higher to all digital products and services to promote and then, later on, have physical products too to promote while the affiliate marketing at Amazon has lots of physical products to promote.


Niche for Affiliate Marketing

Selecting a Niche for affiliate marketing is a crucial factor for any affiliate marketer. If you can select the best niche for yourself, the results will also be equally best for you. That is why you should consider a few things in your mind when you select a niche for affiliate marketing. My best tips for you to keep in mind while selecting a niche for affiliate marketing are:

  • Select the niche you know about.
  • Select the niche with high demand.
  • Select the niche that you like.
If you find any niche that fits with all the above three conditions, then you can go with them. You can run the same experiment for selecting products or services inside the niche. And, You’ll definitely succeed in affiliate marketing if you keep courage and consistency in your journey.  

Content for Affiliate Marketing

You might wonder, how to get content to use while promoting affiliate offers. Here are the solutions for it: You can get a lot of content ideas for free online. To get the content ideas, I prefer using Pinterest, Instagram, Quora, YouTube and Google. You can get the idea for your content and make it in your own ways. You can use different tools to make contents to upload on your blog or social media accounts or on forums. We’ll talk about the tools you can use to make your affiliate marketing smooth in the next topic in this article.  

Tools for Affiliate Marketing

There are some tools that you can use in your affiliate marketing journey to accelerate your workings and make a strong presence online. Let’s look over what I prefer the most for any affiliate marketer:
  • Canva: Canva is a graphic design platform that helps to create visual content. You can make infographics, carousel posts, normal informative posts, videos or Reels for your Instagram Pages. You can use infographics, informative posts and videos for Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts. You can also use it for your blog to post posters, thumbnails, videos and carousels. Similarly, it works with forums. Posts with visual graphics generally provide more response, that is why Canva is something that every affiliate marketer should have.
  • Grammarly: Grammarly is a cloud-based typing assistant that helps you with spelling, grammar, clarity, punctuation reviewing and much more. You know, how important is it for a professional to maintain good delivery of their speeches, articles, posts and messages. Grammarly helps you in all of them and in professional email writing too when you type emails or do email marketing collectively. It also has features that show how the reader or listener or viewer will feel your messages, and with this, you can make your delivery the best one that you can.
  • Similar Web: Similar Web is a web analytics service providing a tool that provides analytics of any site and provides additional information about it and its competitors. Similar Web will provide you analytics about the number of visitors to a site per month and the countries from which the site gets most of its visitors. It also provides you with the traffic sources of a site so you can analyze with the metrics if the site is good to work at for affiliate marketing. You can select sites with high traffic volumes, having audiences from targeted regions/countries and the sites that have maximum traffic from Search Results, so your work can get free organic traffic from the Search Results.
  •  Semrush: Semrush is a SaaS platform that helps an affiliate marketer in keyword research and online ranking. You can use it to find suitable keywords to rank your blog on search engines like Google so you can get free organic traffic in your blog and the traffics will gradually bring you conversions too. There are a lot of forum posts too that are ranking on search engines like Google, so you can use Semrush to find the relevant keywords that you can use on your forum posts that can help you rank your forum posts on search engines like Google and get the free organic traffic. This is something that you can do with Semrush with many other features to utilize.
  • GetResponse: GetResponse is an email marketing tool that you can use to make landing pages, collect emails from your audiences and start sending all of them the emails with just a click. They have free plans for limited email lists and are paid if you want to expand.

Bio for Affiliate Marketing

I see a lot of peoples asking what should be the bio in social media profiles, forum profiles that helps to WIN affiliate marketing. The answer is very simple: Create a short and sweet bio describing your products or services and how they can help your audiences. If you do it right, you can attract more people to your pages and content that will ultimately help you increase conversions. You can take inspiration from affiliate marketing influencers on social media. Instagram is a famous platform for affiliate marketing, so you can see the bio of influencers doing affiliate marketing with Instagram. You can too use Instagram for affiliate marketing and see the results utilizing its awesome features.  

How to Make Money on Affiliate Marketing

Making money on affiliate marketing is very simple and we have discussed all the steps in this article already (you can scroll up and see if you haven’t seen it already). So, we can head towards the next topic peoples usually wonder about while doing affiliate marketing.  

Affiliate Marketing [How Much Can You Make]

This is a very interesting topic for people on affiliate marketing and especially for those who have just started or looking to start affiliate marketing. The earnings have no limitations on affiliate marketing. It is generally from as low as $0 to the maximum of unlimited, unless you waste your money doing things wrong in investing parts like Ads. If you utilize Ads well, then the return you get from it is very good and ROI (Return On Investment) with Ads is around 3:1 to 5:1. Meaning, you can earn around $3 to $5 for every $1 you spend on Ads. Remember, the ROI can have any fluctuations based upon the products and services you select and how you target the people. You can achieve equal earnings with free methods too. So, if you are into affiliate marketing, just started or looking to start, just make your mindset of big achievements so you can actually get them if you do things well. You have to set your own earning targets and take action accordingly and there is no reason you don’t get it. Because affiliate marketing is something that is growing exponentially over the past few years and it’ll continue in the future too.   I hope this has helped you be clear on different topics on affiliate marketing. If you have any more topics to wonder about, let me know in the comments and I’ll try to add them as soon as possible.   Now, let’s move toward the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Affiliate Marketing.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What is the future of affiliate marketing?
The future of affiliate marketing is very simple and clear. It will continue growing exponentially as it is doing over the past few years and the best part is, the exponential growth in the future will definitely be more than in the present and the past.   2. Which affiliate marketing is best? There are many affiliate market schemes and all are good at their own points. You generally may see higher commission rates in digital products and services than physical ones, but if you go with any products that you know, have demand and that you like, then you’ll make the most from only it than any others.   3. How to be successful with affiliate marketing? To be successful with affiliate marketing, you need to find the right products or services and promote them to the right audiences in the right ways so you can see the right results rolling in into your dashboard.   4. Why affiliate marketing is the best business model? Affiliate Marketing provides you opportunities to promote already existing products and services and you can make income out of it without any investments of money necessarily required. Moreover, many affiliate programs have recurring income systems provided to us and additionally, it offers you passive earnings too. This is why affiliate marketing is one of the best business models.   5. Is affiliate marketing hard? Absolutely not. There are right ways in anything that will bring the right results. If you are not seeing results, then you might not have applied the right ways or maybe you don’t know them even. So, all you have to do is learn them and apply them so you will see the results and find affiliate marketing as an easy way that helped millions of people change their life.   6. Who can do affiliate marketing? There are no specific requirements for affiliate marketing and anyone can do it.   7. How much can you make in affiliate marketing? The earnings depend upon two things: How much time do you provide and How well do you play with it. The earnings generally can extend from as low as $0 to the maximum of unlimited and is fully dependent upon you.  


In conclusion, we have learnt what’s affiliate marketing and how it works. We have learnt the different steps included in affiliate marketing that will help anyone succeed on it, got to know of different topics in affiliate marketing and tools to boost affiliate marketing productivity. We have discussed the FAQs on affiliate marketing and the income possibilities. And, much more.

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