[NEW] 100% Honest ShareASale Review 2023: With Pros And Cons

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ShareASale is an affiliate marketplace where you can meet with different merchants to partner with, including ShareASale itself’s offer to promote. But, Is ShareASale legit? And, can you work with them for your worthy time? You’re in the right place to learn all these in this ShareASale review article, including the process of how to join ShareASale.

Today we’ll review ShareASale from top to bottom and also from side to side in this article.

First, we’ll learn how everything works on ShareASale and then we’ll dive into the following details:

  • Is ShareASale legit?
  • How to make money with the ShareASale affiliate program?
  • How to join ShareASale?
  • The Pros and Cons of ShareASale
  • Payout methods in ShareASale
  • ShareASale Alternatives

Let’s dive directly into our investigation over ShareASale!

What is ShareASale?

ShareASale is one of the most popular and fastest-growing affiliate platforms, operating since 2000. Coming up to 2023, they already partner with over 21,200 Merchants and over 241,000 publishers in varieties of markets and niches.

Since you already have known that ShareASale is an affiliate platform, you must know how it works under the model of affiliate marketing. So, what is affiliate marketing? Let us discuss it in the following topic.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It is simply a process of promoting other people’s products or services for commissions. In this, you first pick up any products or services to promote. Then, find the right audiences to promote. Finally, you convert the audience to customers and get paid for every sale that happens. The most common way to make money on affiliate marketing is to earn a commission for every sale. With this being said, there are some other different modules too that include Pay Per Lead (PPL) commissions. That means you can get paid for just bringing audiences to the programs without them being required to buy anything.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and the ways to win it, you can get to this FREE Guide:

How Does ShareASale Work?

It is generally much more time-consuming to ask every program for partnering individually. You have to create profiles in every program uniquely and generally put the same information in all. Finally, ask them individually to review your profile and the application to join. But, this all has been shortened with ShareASale. How? Let me tell you right below!

ShareASale is an affiliate marketplace that has partnered with over 21,200 Merchants. So, you can work with them all with just a single profile on ShareASale. You no more need to create profiles for unique merchants. You’ll just have a single ShareASale account and with the same account, you can head towards partnering with the merchants you want to work with. You just need to submit a proposal or application to the businesses you want to work with. Then, they will review it in most cases and respond a reply to you. However, there are some merchants inside ShareASale that provide you approval to partner without any application required to be reviewed.

With this feature of enough merchants to work with, ShareASale has become super easy for affiliates. You can easily find the right products or services that fit your audience.

One way is by searching ShareASale for the products or services you already are familiar with and love. Or you can research the products or services that you think fit best your audiences. Always find genuine products or services to work with so you can get the most potential results from them.

So, after you know how ShareASale works, here comes a major part of this ShareASale review article- Is ShareASale Legit? Because you want to spend your time wisely in promoting any business.

Let us discuss this in the following topic.

Is ShareASale Legit?

YES, ShareASale is a legit platform.

ShareASale products sometimes may be of poor quality. You may find issues working with some merchants under it. But, it is just a half story.

It contains enough good merchants too, to work with. And, because of this, ShareASale is like a big supermarket with everything under one roof.

You should always do well research on the products and services you promote from ShareASale. Good research is always the key to unlocking authentic products or services to partners. It’ll ultimately lead to good results too. Every time, ensure that you have authentic products or services to work with.

Check out the activities of the merchant, its status history and refund rates to make your research even stronger.

To ensure that you understand ShareASale’s affiliate program before joining, make sure to do well research on it. Overall, ShareASale looks like an offer that you should not overlook!

How to make money with the ShareASale affiliate platform?

As soon as you confirm that ShareASale is an offer that you should not overlook, you should understand the ways to make money with ShareASale’s affiliate program.

You make money from the ShareASale affiliate network by referring your audiences to the high-quality businesses that partner with ShareASale.

There are two unique ways to make money on it:

  1. Pay Per Lead (PPL): Each time your audience clicks your affiliate link and visits the vendor’s page and fills out a form, you get paid.
  2. Pay Per Sale (PPS): You get paid whenever your audience follows your particular links to any products or services and makes purchases.

You can follow the Affiliate Marketing Guide to know the ways to promote your custom links with targeted audiences to get the most out of them.

How to join ShareASale?

This tutorial guide is for you if you don’t know how to create an account on ShareASale or you are unable to create one.

Many peoples face problems while creating a ShareASale account and can not get approval to join it. If you are also in this category, then this tutorial guide is going to unlock your opportunities with ShareASale.

Without any delay, let’s start an easy 5 step process to create an account on ShareASale.

Let us go to the ShareASale website to start 5 step process journey to create a ShareASale account.

ShareASale Website Homepage

Go to the ShareASale website and select “Affiliate Sign Up” under the menu option “Sign Up” on the top-right side of the homepage.

ShareASale Affiliate Account Creation Page – Login Details
  1. In this step, create your username and password. Then, confirm your password. After that, select your country. Now you’re set to go to the second step.
ShareASale Affiliate Account Creation Page - Basic Information
ShareASale Affiliate Account Creation Page – Basic Information

2. Next, enter your website URL. And fill up a few simple questions about your site. Select the language of your site. Then, select the Yes/No options of the rest questions according to what fits your site.

Note: If you don’t have a site, you can do it with your YouTube Channel link or any of your other social media page links. Make sure to use that channel or page URL which provides value to people. This helps positively to get approval from ShareASale.

After filling in the information, click the button for “Step 3”.

ShareASale Affiliate Account Creation Page -Email Address & Confirmation
ShareASale Affiliate Account Creation Page -Email Address & Confirmation

3. Enter your work email address in this step.

Tip: If you have an email address that ends with your domain name, like yourname@yourdomainname.com, then the approval process will be faster than if you use a generic email address like yourbusinessname@gmail.com.

Now, click the button for “Step 4″.

ShareASale Affiliate Account Creation Page Contact Info
ShareASale Affiliate Account Creation Page Contact Info

4. In this step, you need to fill in your contact information. They need it for the payout process.

Fill in all the basic information about yourself and the payee. After that, in the Program Description box, provide a brief description of your site or your marketing plans. This includes what your site is about and what ways will you implement to promote the offers from ShareASale.

After that, fill in the information on incentive websites and domain ownership. If you are using your own domain, click on “Yes, I verify.” If you are using your social media link in the website URL, click on “No, I do not own the domain.

Finally, click the button for “Step 5“.

ShareASale Affiliate Account Creation Page Payment Information
ShareASale Affiliate Account Creation Page – Payment Information

5. Last, select the mode to get paid. You can select the “Choose Later…” option if you want to select the mode of payment later on.

You may see Post Mail and Federal Express as the mode of payment on this page. But, you can find more payout modes inside of the payment settings after the account creation.

Now, Hit the “Complete Sign Up” button!

Voila!, you’ve completed the Sign-Up Process on ShareASale!

ShareASale Affiliate Account Creation Pagem User's Terms Of Agreement
ShareASale Affiliate – User’s Terms Of Agreement Page

After you complete all the steps to Sign-Up, you now need to agree to their “User’s Terms of Agreement” and click on the “Complete Sign Up” button. Finally, you have submitted your application!

ShareASale Affiliate Account Creation - Thank You Page
ShareASale Affiliate Account Creation – Thank You Page

After you submit your application, ShareASale will redirect you to a Thank You page, with some information.

ShareASale has sent you an email with the instructions that you should follow so they can receive your application.

Open your email and follow the link provided to verify the account.

ShareASale Affiliate Account Creation – Account Confirmed Page

After your email has been verified, you’ll see the confirmation message (as in the above picture).

Now, just wait for them to approve your account.

While the approval process can take 24 to 72 business hours, most people can hear back from them within 24 hours.

The Pros and Cons of ShareASale (A most important part of this ShareASale Review)

ShareASale has its Pros and Cons available for affiliate marketers. Let us start with the Pros of ShareASale:

Pros of ShareASale:

  1. It has over 21,200 Merchant partners which is more than enough for you to enrol to find the best products and services to work for.
  2. The sign-up process is easy and clear.
  3. It has easy to use interface with everything organized very well.
  4. Easy and Efficient search functions are available.
  5. Good quality affiliate tracking APIs are available.

Now let’s move toward the cons of ShareASale.

Cons of ShareASale:

  1. Though there are many good-quality merchants on ShareASale, there are some low-quality merchants too with whom you may face issues working.
  2. Some merchants are inactive and non-responsive. Some do not load funds for a longer period of time too, and you can’t be paid to promote them. You must do well research before working with them.
  3. You may not get a response to non-tracked tickets.
  4. They do not send notice of program termination to your emails.

Payout methods in ShareASale

There are multiple payout methods available in ShareASale.

You can go to Payment Settings, under the Payments option in the menu, to select the best payout method for you.

ShareASale Payout Options
ShareASale Payout Options

There are three different major categories for payout methods — Direct Deposit, Mailed Check and Advanced. You can select the best category for you and select the best option under that category to receive your payments from ShareASale.

You can either opt to go with Direct Deposit or with Mailed Checked, in various ways or Advanced for Wire Deposit and Payoneer methods.

One of the positive points of ShareASale is that it has a Payoneer payout method which is favourable to many affiliate marketers who can not receive payments via Direct Deposit and Mailed Check. Wire Deposit under the Advanced Payout option is costly for new affiliates. Hence, Payoneer is the best suit for a lot of affiliates under ShareASale.

You can set the monthly payout threshold for yourself from as low as $50 to as maximum as $1000, from just above the payout mode selection.

Overview of the ShareASale Affiliate Account Homepage

If you think you need video guidance about the overview of the ShareASale Affiliate Account Homepage, then, we have included the video guidance in this ShareASale review article.

The following video guidance from the official ShareASale team can help you understand the ShareASale Affiliate Account Homepage even better. Click the play button below and start being more familiar with the homepage.

ShareASale Alternatives

There are a good number of alternatives to ShareASale, let us discuss them under this heading.

CJ Affiliate

ShareASale Alternative CJ Affiliates Home Page
CJ Affiliates Home Page

CJ Affiliate is one of the top alternatives to ShareASale. It has thousands of businesses to work with and probably millions of offers to promote. It offers a wider category for promotion than ShareASale, including Hotels, Restros and Airline affiliates too. You can get endless partnering opportunities with businesses using CJ Affiliate. It offers flexible payout options for its affiliate partners.

Impact Radius

ShareASale Alternative Impact Radius Home Page
Impact Radius Home Page

Impact Radius is another alternative to ShareASale. It also offers multiple businesses to work with. They are filled with tons of software and online services to work with. It has very flexible reporting, top-to-the-line partner recruitment and outreach capabilities. It also has very reliable affiliate tracking. It also offers very flexible payout options including PayPal and Payoneer.


ClickBank Home Page

ClickBank is one of the very popular affiliate marketplaces, which can be a very good alternative to ShareASale. In ClickBank, you can get both physical and digital products and services to promote. It is a major focus for affiliate marketers that are interested in physical products, including Health and Fitness, Spiritual, and Beauty products. You can find tons of digital products and services too to promote from ClickBank.

ClickBank offers Direct Deposit, Wire and Checks as the payout options for its affiliates. You can get paid under ACH Direct Deposit payment using the virtual bank account provided by Payoneer.


Digistore24 Home Page

Digistore24 is another powerful alternative to ShareASale. You can find hundreds of businesses to promote using Digistore24. They have easy to use interface. You can find both physical and digital products to promote with up to an 85% commission rate.

Digistore24 offers PayPal, ACH Payment (for the US only) and International Bank Transfer for its affiliates to withdraw the funds.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates Home Page

You might have heard the name “Amazon“. Amazon has its affiliate program available worldwide, called “Amazon Associates”. It is especially known for its physical products selling platform, however, it does offer multiple digital products to promote too. You can find eBooks, Audiobooks and more as digital products to promote. It does have Bounty offers too to promote, including Audible, Amazon Prime and Baby Registry.

Conclusion from this ShareASale Review:

To sum up the things in this candidly honest ShareASale review article, we first discussed what is ShareASale and how it works. A free Affiliate Marketing Guide link has been provided for you to increase your revenue with ShareASale. We then discussed the legitimacy of ShareASale and how to make money in it. A complete and easy 5 steps process to join ShareASale has been revealed to get the account approved. After that, the Pros and Cons of ShareASale to help you understand it better have been figured out. And, finally, the alternatives to ShareASale to help you scale up your affiliate marketing business have been discussed.

Let us know in the comment section below, how you found this ShareASale review. Also, mention your unique experiences with ShareASale so we can add them to this ShareASale review article with more investigations.