Top 15 Instant approval affiliate programs with guaranteed first $100

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I still remember how I waited more than two weeks just to get rejected from an affiliate program. And, this didn’t happen just once with me. I have experienced it with multiple affiliate programs.

And, I know many of you are also facing the same if you are a newbie.

That is why I have brought up this article on the top 15 instant approval affiliate programs which you can join to get approved in a matter of seconds or a minute and to start earning from the same day.

So, let us start immediately with these high-paying affiliate programs with instant approval that accepts anyone.

Instant Approval Affiliate Programs

  1. Vultr Affiliate Program
  2. GetResponse Affiliate Program
  3. Aweber Affiliate Program
  4. Fiverr Affiliate Program
  5. Siteground Affiliate Program
  6. ClickFunnels Affiliate Program
  7. GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program
  8. ClickBank Affiliate Network
  9. Digistore24 Affiliate Network
  10. Amazon Associates
  11. Moosend Affiliate Program
  12. Pabbly Affiliate Program
  13. Instapage Affiliate Program
  14. Referral Candy Affiliate Program
  15. SalesBlink Affiliate Program

1. Vultr Referral Program [Vultr Affiliate Program]

Vultr Affiliate Program [Vultr Referral Program]

Do you know that you can earn $35 every time you pick up $100 from Vultr’s bag and provide it to anyone?

Yes, that is what Vultr offers you in their referral program.

That is why we have placed them first in this listicle.

Vultr has an awesome referral program that allows you to provide $100 to every new Vultr user on behalf of Vultr and for doing this you can get paid $35 per referral whenever they utilize their $35.

Since Vultr’s referral program works as an affiliate program to affiliate marketers, we have placed it at number one in this listicle of the top 15 instant approval affiliate programs.

I believe that all the affiliate marketers interested in hosting services love this hosting affiliate program.

Vultr pays its affiliates via PayPal transfers.

Vultr Home Page: CLICK HERE

Vultr Affiliate Page: CLICK HERE

2. GetResponse Affiliate Program

GetResponse Affiliate Program
GetResponse Affiliate Program

The next instant approval affiliate program we have for you in this listicle is a leading email marketing software — GetResponse.

GetResponse is an all-in-one internet marketing tool famous for its email marketing services. It offers two different affiliate programs to choose from.

The first one provides you with a 33% recurring commission for every new GetResponse paid user you bring, while the second one provides an upfront one-time bounty of $100 for every new paid customer you bring to them.

Its affiliate programs are flexible to both kinds of affiliates who either loves upfront bounty commissions or monthly recurring commissions for a lifetime.

GetResponse generally pays its affiliates via ACH, PayPal and Wire Transfer.

GetResponse Home Page: CLICK HERE

GetResponse Affiliate Page: CLICK HERE

3. Aweber Affiliate Program

Aweber Affiliate Program

Aweber is another leading company in the email marketing industry, also providing instant access to the affiliate dashboard to whoever wants to be their affiliate.

What outstands Aweber in the email marketing tool’s affiliate program is its massive 50% recurring commissions for the lifetime.

Additionally, it provides 365 days cookie duration which increases the conversion rates.

You get paid every month via PayPal whenever you reach your minimum payout threshold.

The lowest payout threshold you can set in Aweber’s affiliate dashboard is $30.

Aweber Home Page: CLICK HERE

Aweber Affiliate Page: CLICK HERE

4. Fiverr Affiliate Program

Fiverr Affiliate Program

Whenever it comes to making money doing Freelancing, Fiverr is one of the giants in the industry you hear the name of.

But, do you know that you not only can make money on Fiverr doing freelancing but can also make money joining its affiliate program?

Yes, Fiverr does have an affiliate program.

Not only that, it does have an impressive affiliate program with multiple affiliate modules. And, you can join it without needing to wait for any approval.

Fiverr offers varieties of affiliate structures to its affiliates where Fiverr CPA and Fiverr Hybrid are two famous from them.

You earn an upfront bounty as low as $15 and as high as $150 commission on its CPA affiliate structure. The rates depend upon the kind of services the First Time Buyers buy after going through your affiliate link.

Another famous affiliate structure in Fiverr affiliates is the Fiverr Hybrid which provides you $10 fixed CPA plus a 10% Revenue share for the next 12 months from the purchase amounts of the new users you bring to Fiverr.

You can also promote Fiverr Business, Fiverr Affiliates, Fiverr Learn and more with Fiverr’s Affiliate Program. Detailed information on the commission structures of the Fiverr affiliate program is available here.

You can get paid via PayPal, Payoneer or Bank Transfers with Fiverr Affiliates.

Fiverr Home Page: CLICK HERE

Fiverr Affiliate Page: CLICK HERE

5. Siteground Affiliate Program

Siteground Affiliate Program

Siteground affiliate program is another affiliate program with instant approval available.

It has an easy-to-join affiliate program where you join them with a few simple details in a form.

Since Siteground is a hosting provider, you get paid for every valid sale you refer to Siteground.

Talking about the commission rates, Siteground offers various commissions to its affiliates depending on how many valid sales they bring to the platform every month.

You can get paid $50 per sale from the first sale to the fifth sale, $75 for the sixth to the tenth sale and $100 for the eleventh to 20th sale.

And, when you start having a 21st sale or above, custom commissions can be available to you.

Another thing that makes Siteground’s affiliate program interesting to affiliate marketers is that they allow their affiliates to test its hosting for one month without any charges so they can experience its quality before promoting.

Siteground pays its affiliates via PayPal.

Siteground Home Page: CLICK HERE

Siteground Affiliate Page: CLICK HERE

6. ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

When it comes to selling using funnels, ClickFunnels is the number one recommendation from many internet marketers and myself too.

ClickFunnels is an awesome and easy-to-use funnel builder that not only helps you to sell but also trains you on how to maximize your sales.

It offers a starting commission of 20% to its affiliates and provides up to 40% commissions on all of its front-end offers.

And, what’s interesting about it is its monthly recurring commission system to its affiliates.

That is also why many peoples love to join the affiliate program of ClickFunnels.

You can get paid via PayPal, Cheque or Bank Transfers with its affiliate program.

ClickFunnels Home Page: CLICK HERE

ClickFunnels Affiliate Page: CLICK HERE

7. GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program

GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program

GrooveFunnels is another online sales builder and funnels software offering you to create high-converting pages.

It provides instant access to anyone who wants to promote its affiliate program.

Commission structure goes up to 40% starting from 20% based upon the plan you’re in. You can join their affiliate program with their free plan to get 20% recurring commissions for a lifetime. Their starter plan offers a 30% commission rate and the Pro Plan offers a 40% commission rate plus a 10% two-tier commission rate.

Its Starter Plan costs $79 per month while the Pro Plan costs $239 per month.

Its Free Plan is an awesome affiliate program to join for any beginners who want to start their affiliate marketing journey without any investments.

And, what’s nice about the GrooveFunnels affiliate program is that it allows you to bid with their branded keywords while running Bing Ads or Google Ads. It is a massive plus point for any affiliate marketer who wants to promote their affiliate programs with online Ads.

You can get paid from the GrooveFunnels affiliate program via PayPal or Wire.

GrooveFunnels Home Page: CLICK HERE

GrooveFunnels Affiliate Page: CLICK HERE

8. ClickBank Affiliate Network

ClickBank Affiliate Network

I understand that we are moving with the instant approval affiliate programs that anyone can join and start promoting immediately.

But, what if I present you with a supermarket that consists of various affiliate programs that you can join without any time to wait for approval?

Yes!, ClickBank is the same supermarket of affiliate programs that consists of hundreds of affiliate programs within itself.

Since ClickBank consists of multiple merchants whose affiliate programs are available to join, it is called an affiliate network than a particular affiliate program.

But, I hope that while finding a few instant approval affiliate programs, finding a supermarket with hundreds of affiliate programs that are easy to join and promote is a golden thing for us. That is why I have placed ClickBank in this listicle of the top 15 instant approval affiliate programs.

And, what’s nice about ClickBank is that you can join it immediately after completing a signup form. And, after that, you can instantly access and promote various affiliate programs in wide fields in the Marketplace section of ClickBank.

It is also the first affiliate network I joined in my affiliate marketing journey.

You can get paid via Direct Deposit, Wire and Cheque with the ClickBank affiliate network.

ClickBank Home Page: CLICK HERE

ClickBank Affiliate Page: CLICK HERE

9. Digistore24 Affiliate Program

Digistore24 Affiliate Network

Digistore24 is one of the leading affiliate networks just like ClickBank and is also a strong alternative to the ClickBank affiliate network.

Like the ClickBank affiliate network, you can join and start promoting affiliate offers with the Digistore24 affiliate network without any wait for approval.

Digistore24 consists of many physical and digital products and services that you can start promoting immediately after generating affiliate links to those programs.

You can receive payouts of Digistore24 directly into your bank account or PayPal.

Digistore24 Home Page: CLICK HERE

Digistore24 Affiliate Page: CLICK HERE

10. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates Affiliate Marketplace

Amazon Associates is an affiliate marketplace from Amazon.

You can join the affiliate program of Amazon by joining Amazon Associates.

Joining Amazon Associates is very much easy and only requires a few details in a signup form.

As soon as you complete the signup form, you can directly get into the affiliate dashboard of Amazon Associates.

Now, you can promote a wide range of available products from the large marketplace on Amazon.

But, admit that joining Amazon Associates is not the only thing Amazon looks for from its affiliates. That is why it has criteria you should fulfil for you to continue doing business with it.

Amazon Associates have criteria for every new affiliate to continue working for the long term with them. And, the criteria they have is that you must bring at least 3 sales in the very first six months of joining them.

After you successfully bring 3 sales to them, then, they will manually review your account and finalize whether you can continue working with them or if you should make any modifications to the promotional ways that you mentioned while filling up their signup form.

Amazon Associates pay its affiliates via Cheque, Amazon Gift Certificates and Bank Transfers.

Amazon Associates Home Page: CLICK HERE

Amazon Associates Affiliate Page: CLICK HERE

11. Moosend Affiliate Program

Moosend Affiliate Program

Moosend is an awesome email marketing tool having a quick speed.

More than thousands of brands including use Moosend to create, send and optimize their newsletters.

Moosend offers an attractive commission rate of up to 40% for its affiliates starting from 30% for new affiliates.

Moosend offers an option to a free trial that helps you let your audience take an experience of Moosend and upgrade to their paid plans if they like it. This helps in maintaining a good conversion rate for you.

With a 90 days cookie duration for your affiliate links, Moosend provides you with a recurring commission system as long as the customer you refer to Moosend renews their services.

You can get paid via PayPal and Stripe with the Moosend affiliate program.

Moosend Home Page: CLICK HERE

Moosend Affiliate Page: CLICK HERE

12. Pabbly Affiliate Program

Pabbly Affiliate Program

Pabbly is an online marketing and sales software which have an instant approval affiliate program for anyone who wants to promote Pabbly for commissions.

It offers you a 30% recurring commission for a lifetime once someone becomes a Pabbly customer from your affiliate link.

With that, Pabbly also offers you an awesome 365 days cookie duration with your affiliate links.

They pay you via bank transfer or PayPal once a month for your payments in the payout report with the total affiliate commission threshold of $50 being completed.

Pabbly Home Page: CLICK HERE

Pabbly Affiliate Page: CLICK HERE

13. Instapage Affiliate Program

Instapage Affiliate Program

Instapage is a landing page creation platform.

You can create advanced landing pages for your online marketing campaigns with Instapage.

It has an easy-to-join affiliate program with instant approval for anyone.

You can get a recurring commission of 50% in the first year and 30% thereafter for a lifetime for every customer you bring to Instapage.

Instapage offers plans with three-figure per month pricing (in their building plan), so you can expect a good commission income from the Instapage affiliate program.

Instapage pays its affiliates via PayPal.

Instapage Home Page: CLICK HERE

Instapage Affiliate Page: CLICK HERE

14. Referral Candy Affiliate Program

ReferralCandy Affiliate Program

Referral Candy is one of the leading referral marketing platforms for e-commerce merchants.

You can promote the products of Referral Candy to e-commerce merchants to generate commissions.

You can make as much as $50 per referral. And, what’s nice about the Referral Candy affiliate program is that you earn commissions for every valid free trial referral, no matter whether they convert to paid customers of Referral Candy later on or not.

You can instantly join Referral Candy’s affiliate program with just a simple form. And, you can start promoting them immediately.

Referral Candy pays its affiliates via PayPal.

Referral Candy Home Page: CLICK HERE

Referral Candy Affiliate Page: CLICK HERE

15. SalesBlink Affiliate Program

SalesBlink Affiliate Program

SalesBlink is a personalized sales outreach automation tool that helps you send or automate cold emails to your prospects.

You can join SalesBlink in just 30 seconds and can promote it immediately with your affiliate link.

You can earn up to $1000+ on every sale of SalesBlink. And, it also provides you with a 20% monthly recurring commission for the users you refer to SalesBlink.

You can receive payouts from SalesBlink every month via PayPal or Bank/Wire Transfers.

SalesBlink Home Page: CLICK HERE

SalesBlink Affiliate Page: CLICK HERE


Getting approval for affiliate programs with good commissions is a burning issue for many newbie affiliate marketers. And, to help them find the best affiliate programs to join and start promoting, I have presented my top 15 instant approval affiliate programs for you, in this listicle.

Joining all the affiliate programs (along with some affiliate networks and the affiliate programs within them) mentioned in this article are easy and can be done in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

Since all the affiliate programs listed in this listicle are valid and converting, you can join these programs to start your affiliate journey with good commissions in return.

I believe that if you join these programs and promote them rightly, you’ll have a great affiliate journey ahead.

If you need help on how to promote affiliate programs, check out this guide.

If you think I must mention some other instant approval affiliate programs in this listicle, let me know by commenting below.

I wish you a happy affiliate marketing journey ahead with this listicle!

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